How Lobium helps you manage the complexities of your Public Affairs workflow

Public Affairs Management is a complex thing to do. It involves many steps. We want to help Public Affairs Managers to deal with the complexities of their tasks. Therefore we are building a platform where you can choose a suite of tools that help you be more successful in managing your campaigns. Or with your internal reporting. Or with measuring your government affairs KPIs and dashboards. Although there are many activities where technology can help, we chose to start with developing something that analyses stakeholders and issues around a certain legislative proposal. Why? Because we think this is one of the most important pieces of homework to do, and it is also one of the most time consuming.

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    Every time you need to dive into a legislative proposal for a client, you need to start thinking about which other stakeholders are involved, and what are they saying? Getting a list of stakeholders is difficult enough. But finding their position papers on the proposal is a second drag. And then pulling out all the key issues is going to be a real time waster. When these massive amounts of electronic texts become available to us, we want to search, organise, summarise, visualise, and understand these large collections of information. With the use of software engineering and the help of natural language processing, we are able to transform the raw data into an overview - a stakeholder-issue matrix - which provides you at a glance with who to engage on what.

    Garry Kasparov once said: “machines don't have to be perfect to be very good & useful, only better than us.” With the help of machines, we believe we have built a product that helps Public Affairs Managers in their day jobs by taking chunks of work out of our hands which we then can use as input for developing our Public Affairs Strategy. Creating a stakeholder-issue matrix is a powerful, actionable tool that immediately shows us the coalitions around certain issues and informs us who to engage with, on which issues.


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