Lobium Glossary

Term Definition
Dossier Relates to a legislative proposal. A dossier is synonymous to 'arena' - a virtual collection of stakeholders and their interests-at-issue with regard to a specific dossier
Policy Category A policy area or a field of interest consisting of a collection of related dossiers
Dossier Management Information (Dossier MI) Aggregated information about a dossier, used for decision-making, and for the coordination, control, analysis, and visualization of information
Issue A matter that is in dispute between two or more stakeholders. Often issues are contained within a particular dossier. Stakeholders choose a position 'in favour', 'against', or 'neutral', based on their interests which are driven on their perceived facts, their values, their instruments and their solutions to their problems.
Stakeholder Any organised body that can affect or is affected by a legislative proposal and is or could be engaging in Public Affairs Management activities (this includes decision-makers such as politicians and government officials).
Dossier Responses A collection of all stakeholders' position papers (their raw, original texts and writings) about a dossier - put together in a single document.
Stakeholder Issue Matrix A virtual collection of all the stakeholders (including government officials), together with the issues regarding a specific dossier, at a specific moment in time. The matrix is 2-dimensional; the vertical axis lists the stakeholders, the issues are on the horizontal axis. The cells, where the axes intersect, register for every stakeholder the estimated position on any issue (in favour, against, neutral)
Stakeholder Category Class or division of stakeholders having particular shared characteristics that are based on their objectives, mission, structure, activities and legal personality
Stakeholder Salience The level of ability to influence a dossier; the degree to which the stakeholders are visible, vocal, and important to a dossier
Issue Salience The extent to which people cognitively and behaviourally engage with a political issue
Project On the Lobium platform, a specific Dossier which a client is working on or analysing, using the tools/applications available on the Lobium platform
Public Affairs officer a person within an organisation who is responsible for managing the relationships with government and government-related stakeholders
Cost-benefit analysis Calculating the monetary or quantitative value of a Government Affairs campaign. The difference between the present value of cash inflows and the present value of cash outflows over a period of time, related to a specific PAM campaign
Dossier Prioritisation Of all the dossiers that may impact a client/organisation/stakeholder, create a model that ranks them in order of importance
Horizon Scanning A systematic examination of information to identify potential threats, risks, emerging issues and opportunities, upcoming dossiers
Political due dilligence Asses current and future legislations' impact of that jurisdiction on the clients' services, products and operations
Campaign evaluation Judgement about the effectiveness and efficacy of a PAM effort