Analyse EU Amendments. Smarter, Faster.


Tired of endless scrolling through PDFs? Struggling to find the amendments that matter to you?
Endless copy-paste and CTRL+F? Is the political direction just a fog of 1,000s of amendments?

Lobium gives you the tool to speed up your workflow. And see the political directions in no time.

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1. Save significant amounts of time and energy
2. Get better Quality public affairs on your dossier
3. Simplifies the complex EU parliament process (for any EU dossier)

No more struggle to see the political direction of your dossier. With Lobium you can handle more files in the same amount of time.

You will experience a newfound sense of joy and ease as you streamline your workflow and save time.

Revolutionise your workflow and take control



Gone are the days of endlessly scrolling through PDFs and struggling to find the information you need.


⇒ Compare amendments side-by-side

⇒ Prioritise your amendments quicker with our unique keyword finder

⇒ See which compromises might be possible



⇒ How many amendments did my MEP table? Where in the text?

⇒ How do amendments and issues differ between the French, German and Spanish MEPs?

⇒ What is the frequency of my priority issues, who proposed them, and in which articles are they located?



⇒ Direct overviews of all amendments and summaries before you meet with an MEP

⇒ Create your voting recommendation list, export to MS Word and send per email

⇒ Compose your briefing notes to your members or clients with high quality insights and beautiful graphs

Here are the most important features:

⇒ All amendments sorted in a table - no more PDF
⇒ Find similar amendments
⇒ Quickly find amendments that matter to you
⇒ AI assisted search
⇒ Upload your own amendments
⇒ Export to: Word, Powerpoint, Excel
⇒ Filter, group, cluster in any way you want: Rapporteur, MEP, Group, Country and Keyword
⇒ Compare amendments neatly side-by-side: COM proposal, Rapporteur draft, Lead committee, Opinion committees and Plenary
⇒ Identify amendments from rapporteur + shadow rapporteur + any MEP
⇒ Visualise highest number of amendments per MEP, Group, etc.

Built by public affairs managers for public affairs managers
Tim Werkhoven (founder Lobium) explains:

“I was a public affairs professional and spent countless hours navigating the complexities of the EU parliament process. As an expert, I was always looking for ways to streamline my workflow and make my work more efficient. That’s why I started Lobium. We believe that technological developments can assist and improve the work of public affairs managers.”

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Introduction Offer

We're offering an exclusive introduction offer for our EU Parliament Amendment Tool. For a limited time and limited spots, you can access our powerful tool at a discounted rate and be among the first to experience its revolutionary features.

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This is what you will get:

1. No subscription needed: pay only for the EU-dossier you analyse

2. Try-out offer: €500 instead of €1,500

3. Bonus: free strategy session with Tim (*limited availability)

Non-profits: call us for special arrangement

This exclusive offer won’t last forever. Our pre-launch offer is only available for a limited time and only for the first 10 people. So don’t wait.

“This is a very cool project”
“Really innovative”
“You’ve got GOLD in your hands”

Is this tool for me?

If you are following an EU dossier for which you expect amendments to be tabled in the European Parliament any time soon, then yes, this tool is for you.

Does your tool work for my specific topic?

It depends.
The tool works for any EU Parliament procedure during which amendments are tabled.
Have a browse on the EU Parliaments’ Legislative Observatory to find your dossier:

Can my colleagues also have access?

Collaboration and teamwork is a great thing. You can add up to 3 users for free on each dossier. If you have more colleagues, give us a
call and we can discuss options.

How long can I use your tool?

For your selected EU dossier, the data is yours and you have access to our platform whenever you want, for as long as you want.
This is important, because new amendments can come in the future.

How does it work?

First, you need to know which EU dossier is your priority.
If you’re unsure, search on
Once you have registered and logged in, you can select your priority dossier.
For your priority dossier, we will present you with the Commission proposal, Committee draft report, Lead Committee amendments, Opinion Committee amendments, or whatever is published by the European Parliament thus far.
Then, you can start analysing, filtering, grouping, clustering, and commenting on the information available.

Do I need to pay a subscription? Pay monthly? Pay for a whole year?

No, no, and no.
You pay only for what you need.
Your need is to analyse amendments for a specific EU dossier. You only pay once, for that dossier only.
No lock-ins, no annual subscriptions: just pay-as-you-go.

How fast is it?

We understand that for you analysis speed is of the essence.
We can create a dossier with amendments if and when the European Parliament publishes them on their website.
If you have obtained amendments before official publication, let us know and we can upload them manually and you can start analysing immediately.

Can I try before I buy?

You can book a demo with us. We can show you around the tool using a live dossier.

When are you live?

We aim to be live from Monday 3 April.

How can I pay?

You can pay with credit card or we can send you an invoice.

Is there customer support?

You can email via and we’ll answer your question within 24h.
Most of the time Tim, our CEO will deal with your question. He can also jump on a call if that will solve your issue quicker.

Can I customise?

The data we collect (amendments, MEP data, etc.) is so rich that you can tailor the data in numerous ways to get the insights and intelligence that is important to you.
We’ve pre-programmed a lot of analytics fro you already. But if you want more, our data scientists would be really excited if you throw them cool analytics problems they can solve.

I’ve got a different question

No problem.
Please send your question to and we’ll answer you shortly.

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