Ethos & Principles

Public Affairs

Data must work harder for Public Affairs Management.

Better quality data and smarter data analysis are key to modern Public Affairs Management.

Data also must work harder to preserve democracy. Public Affairs Management is one of the enablers for data to achieve these goals. Long gone are the days of old-boys networks, the dealings in the back rooms. The 21st century public affairs managers know about how to create value from data, data connections, and how new technologies can support humans in getting better political outcomes.

We want to provide our services for free to those that help support democracy and fight climate change.

Net Zero

Data must work harder to get to net zero. 

Climate change is an emergency. We must go to net zero quickly and Lobium wants to do its part. First, we want to be net zero in our own operations before 2030. We will come up with a transparent way of measuring our performance and give regular updates.

At the same time we understand that our own net zero journey, as a software company, will not make a big dent in the grander scheme of things. That is why we also want to influence our suppliers and our clients to go to net zero quicker. Our commitment is that in meetings with our suppliers and our clients we will raise this issue and agree next steps.

Thirdly, we commit to providing our services for free to organisations that have net zero as their core purpose.

We are alarmed by the rate of climate change and we make it one of our core principles to do something meaningful about it.


Data must work harder to preserve Democracy.

We believe Democracy is the best form of State. And only in Democratic societies is data transparent and available. Only in a Democracy can good Public Affairs thrive: societal groups and individuals have a fair chance of representing their interest. Democracy needs constant attention and push back against anti-democratic forces. Hence, democracy and transparency go hand in hand. A famous newspaper’s line is: “democracy dies in darkness”. We believe public affairs dies in darkness and therefore we try to support transparency through striving for openness and availability of relevant data.

We are curious to help solve important problems. We are idealists and fight for what we believe in. We are learners on a journey to excellence. We are actors that want to delight others.