We're on the intersection between Public Affairs and Technology

We believe that technological developments can assist and improve the work of public affairs managers. We know which data sources are available and relevant for public affairs management. We have the software engineering, architecture and technology to support any public affairs use case.

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Our Purpose

We aim to make data work harder for Public Affairs Management


Why we do what we do

Tim is the CEO of Lobium. Tim is always in search of efficiency (some might call it being lazy...). He long had the idea that machines could help public affairs professionals (his background) do many of the time-consuming data analytical work. Tim has 20 years of experience in government affairs and regulatory affairs. He lobbied in China, in the EU, the US for many different sectors and organisations. Ivan is CTO of Lobium. His computer language of choice is Python (he’s learning spoken languages now too!). Ivan has built everything from computer games to CRMs and everything in between. He now wants to apply his engineering skills to solve political science problems

Tim Werkhoven
Tim Werkhoven
Founder & Public Affairs expert
Ivan Sukhletcov
Ivan Sukhletcov
Co-founder & Technology Lead
Our mountain to climb

Digitising paper-based data and turning raw data into concrete, actionable intelligence is what we aim for, all day every day

Wanna learn more?

    We apply machine learning technology, especially natural language processing (NLP) to understand the data. When massive amounts of electronic texts become available to us, we want to search, organise, summarise, visualise, and understand these large collections of information. We are skilled in software engineering and programming languages to create the tools and applications that help public affairs managers can to achieve their goals. We know about data analytics and data visualisation, which helps create the right overviews, dashboards that can be understood and interpreted by humans. We understand humans. And public affairs managers. (often public affairs managers are humans)

    Ultimately, machines and digital tools are there to support humans. In public affairs, it will never be possible nor desirable to fully replace humans. We do think that when machines and public affairs managers work together, better and quicker outcomes can be achieved. For example, machines are really good at quickly, and without error, analyse large amounts of data. Public Affairs managers are then very good at reviewing and interpreting those analyses and make decisions and craft strategies. Because we understand machines and public affairs humans, we believe we are best placed to create synergies and results.

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