The intelligence that experts use to succeed on their EU dossiers; Quicker, Better, more Cost Effective

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Map your EU Stakeholders and Issues

Tired of going through piles of position papers?

There’s just too many EU dossiers you need to keep a tab on


Analysing all stakeholders on dossiers is too time consuming?

You need to quickly know the lay of the land, so you can start crafting your messages, create your influencing plan, and build your coalitions. Lobium helps you speed up your analytics.

New to a particular EU dossier and don’t know how to build intelligence?

It’s hard to find all the information to gets you up to speed quickly


The earlier you discover the relevant stakeholders and issues, the faster you can get onto the pitch: engaging with decision makers, politicians, government officials and other stakeholders.

Lobbying is a skill and an art. Let us bring you to the next generation of Lobbying.

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"Lobium is amazing - they are at the forefront of combining Public Affairs and Technology, offering products that support government affairs managers in the real world - saving time and upping the quality of what they deliver."

Willem van den Ende

Stay up to date on the latest developments to improve your Lobbying.